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SPRAYCARE BAND - The World's First Wristband Atomizer

SPRAYCARE BAND - The World's First Wristband Atomizer

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🏆 SPRAYCARE BAND - The World's First Wristband Atomizer


🎯 Spraycare Is A Comfortable And Lightweight Wearable Liquid Hand Sanitizer Dispenser To Clean Your Hands And High Traffic Surfaces.

Balancing form and functionality were essential to make a convenient, fashionable and effective product. The result is SprayCare™, It provides the security and convenience of always having disinfecting spray available.

The team placed great emphasis on the product design to make it an elegant alternative to carrying cumbersome bottles of hand sanitizer.

With SprayCare™ you can disinfect any surface with ease. The sanitizing liquid can be directed onto any surface or into the palm of your hand. An LED indicator illuminates when it is time to recharge SprayCare so that you are never left unprotected.

SprayCare™ uses one of the latest generation atomizers to electronically spray the disinfectant at the touch of a button.

Theirs atomizer dispenses droplets of sanitizer that produces superior coverage. The result is an effective and economical use of the disinfectant.

Common sprayers are less practical to sanitize common-use objects primarily because the nozzles produce large drops of the dispensed liquid. These larger drops result in uneven application of the disinfectant and leaves some areas unclean.

SprayCare™ has the capacity to provide more than 40 applications of disinfectant, and each application runs for a total of 3 seconds. With SprayCare you will be protected throughout the entirety of your day.

SprayCare™ has been optimized to work with liquid hand sanitizers. Gels or liquids with higher density than liquid hand sanitizer can damage the device and should not be used.

● Size: 43x40x15mm
● Capacity: 5ml
● Color: Matte black
● Charging port: Micro USB
● Battery: Lithium (80mAh)

A discharge or atomizer device with improved discharge or dispensing effect is disclosed. The atomizer device can be worn by a user as a wrist or arm portable device. The portable device includes a rechargeable battery, an atomizer assembly and a control unit, so that the portable device is configured to spray a jet or cloud of a fluid, in particular a sanitizing fluid.

SprayCare's battery is rechargeable, which improves the life span and reduces pollution from toxic waste.

► SPRAYCARE BAND - The World's First Wristband Atomizer

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