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ORALUCENT - The Advanced Phototherapy Toothbrush

ORALUCENT - The Advanced Phototherapy Toothbrush

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🏆 ORALUCENT - The Advanced Phototherapy Toothbrush


🎯 Therapeutic Red and Blue Light Combine and Shine to Deliver a Whole New Level of Clean & Bright.

Unlike a standard mechanical toothbrush, Oralucent emits a specific wavelength and intensity of blue and red light carefully chosen by team of scientists, dentists and engineers.

Blue light is known to whiten teeth especially when combined with peroxide toothpastes and gels. Everyday gentle whitening occurs gradually every time you brush without sensitivity and expensive time-consuming treatments.

Soft gum-friendly bristles are shaped to reach between your teeth and remove embedded plaque. Blue and red light illuminates the tips of the transparent bristles, targeting hard-to-reach areas between the teeth and even below the gum-line.

Less plaque means fresher breath and the perio-friendly bristles provide a deep mechanical clean, especially when powered by sonic action. Blue light reaches areas that bristles don’t touch, including the surface of the tongue.

The soft outer bristles give your gumline a gentle clean. Blue and red light shine through enamel and penetrate below the gumline. Daily brushing hs prevent gum disease and can even reverse gingivitis.

If you prefer to use a manual toothbrush, use Oralucent in manual mode. The brush can be used without the motor as the blue and red light comes on when the toothbrush detects you are brushing your teeth even when the motor is not activated.

The toothbrush motor and lights run off a single battery which can easily be recharged by docking the handle into the provided USB powered charging cradle. The toothbrush will typically operate for at least 14 days on a single charge.

ORALUCENT - The Advanced Phototherapy Toothbrush

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