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BEBIRD N3 PRO - Ear Cleaning Tweezer And Rod 2-in-1

BEBIRD N3 PRO - Ear Cleaning Tweezer And Rod 2-in-1

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πŸ† BEBIRD N3 PRO - Ear Cleaning Tweezer And Rod 2-in-1


🎯 Compatible with an app and 12 accessories, it provides a new ear cleaning experience for your family

Our ears naturally produce ear wax to prevent debris. As ear wax hardens, it becomes harder to remove and it can cause severe health problems and it can affect your daily lifestyle. Bebird N3 Pro is designed to remove earwax easily and maintain your ear health.

It brings a fresh design to the most important self-care you do most often and makes it easier than ever. The newly designed 10 million pixels HD camera improves clarity and enhances the accuracy of eliminating every single buildup.

It redefines ear cleaning in an innovative way. When the safety tweezer is opened, it extracts the ear wax in the ears seamlessly. When the tweezer is closed, the ear spoon automatically becomes a smart visual ear cleaning rod.

Equipped with three different sizes: small, medium, and large opening, you can adjust the degree of the tweezer opening to fit the size of your ear canal.

With an upgrade of 10 million pixels and 3.7mm lens length, the Bebird N3 Pro offers more precise cleaning and greater accuracy in ear wax removal.

Clean your ears precisely in all directions with 360Β° angle detection. The 6-Axis Smart Gyroscope consists of an accurate measurement that will detect the slightest movement of the cleaning tweezer.

Enjoy the best ear cleaning experience while being comfortable with the Bebird N3 Pro. Safe for children three years old and up, they can watch the ear cleaning process while you clean their ears.​

The micro-lens cover is equipped with a special lens that enlarges the target area. Simply put the tweezers on the lens cover, and you can enlarge the area you want to see with even more clarity.

With a long-lasting battery life of up to 300mAh capacity, the Bebird N3 Pro is convenient, portable and hassle-free. A full charge within 1 hour can be used for one months' duration.

Watch while you clean and monitor the battery life of your Bebird N3 Pro via the app. Equipped with a super-fast WiFi chip, it has a very smooth transmission. It provides the highest speed for the app to function the camera display, making it easy and smooth to set up and auto-connect the product to your phone.

The 100% reusable ear cleaner is environmentally friendly and designed to focus on sustainability to protect our environment.

β–Ί BEBIRD N3 PRO - Ear Cleaning Tweezer And Rod 2-in-1

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