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BARBECHEF - A Smart Cook System That Grills Indoor Smokeless

BARBECHEF - A Smart Cook System That Grills Indoor Smokeless

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🏆 BARBECHEF - A Smart Cook System That Grills Indoor Smokeless


🎯 Grill all year round | Infrared smokeless | Smart cook system | Grill, rotisserie and skewer capabilities | Family size grill | Easy to clean

Get the same BBQ taste, char-grilled flavour, and gorgeous grill marks on chicken, steaks, ribs, veggies and more, right on your counter-top with their compact, easy-to-use, infrared indoor grill.

Waiting for good grilling weather is a thing of the past. Thanks to Barbechef, you can enjoy perfectly grilled food year-round without worrying about the weather outside. It easily cooks smokeless, healthy, and delicious BBQ meals.

With the unique infrared heating technology, heat is evenly spread on the grill top. Food is guaranteed to cook evenly, no cold spots or flare-ups, and also much more efficient.

Conventional grills - are always fluctuating in temperature, causing the grill to over shoot your set temperature and char your food.

Barbechef Grill - quickly heats up to your ideal grilling temperature of 200°C/392°F within 3 minutes, saving time and energy compared to all the preheating and prep required with outdoor and charcoal grills. And the Barbechef maintains a constant heat throughout the entire cooking process, keeping your veggies tender and your meat juicy.

Their infrared rotisserie burner slowly raises the internal temperature of the meat. And that means your food will retain up to 35% of its moisture. It will be crusty on the outside and juicy inside, just like you get at 5-star restaurants.

How did they minimize grill smoke? The advanced infrared heat technology, together with the special reflectors guide the heat towards the grid giving you delicious, evenly cooked food, while leaving the grease tray cool enough to minimize the unpleasant smoke and grease spattering.

Thanks to the smokeless heat technology, the infrared heat is only directed at the grill rack's surface and the cooling tray catches grease and oils before they get the chance to become smoke. It’s amazing technology that allows you to BBQ inside without all the worry of smoke and splattering everywhere!

Now you can also roast the perfect vegetables, fish, chicken, holiday ham, ribs, roast beef and more! Just like a professional BBQ chef in your own home.

Fitted with a touch-sensitive, digital control panel, Barbechef can easily maintain temperatures anywhere from 0°F to 464°F. You’ll have way more control compared to outdoor charcoal grills.

Equipped with all the necessary grid, fork, skewer, the Barbechef lets you do everything! You can cook vegetable skewers, whole chickens and more!

Easily prepare meals for up to 5-8 people with the 125 square-inch grilling surface. Perfect for a weekend BBQ or even a quick weeknight meal the whole family will love. Whether it’s hot dogs, burgers, steaks, chicken wings, vegetables, or whatever else, the Barbechef has enough room to cook all of their favourites right there in the kitchen!

With a non-stick grill, there’s never any residue to scrape off after you’re done grilling. The food-grade SUS304 plus Teflon grill surface is super strong and won’t scratch. When you're finished, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth, and you're done.

The Barbechef is the perfect grill. You’ll get great cooking results, it’s non-stick and easy to clean, it’s energy efficient and safe, and you can use it indoors! You’ll love it!

Nobody wants to spend time scraping and cleaning the grill after use. Just pop it in the dishwasher, and you’re all set. Removable grill rack, plate, drip tray, you can disassemble each of them to clean.

Founded in 2008, Barbechef Team mainly develops and produces home appliances, and is committed to solving problems in family life.

► BARBECHEF - A Smart Cook System That Grills Indoor Smokeless

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