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POLLY - Solar Powered UV Mop

POLLY - Solar Powered UV Mop

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πŸ† POLLY - Solar Powered UV Mop


🎯 Polly Cleaning with UV Light, Solar Panels, 4 Cleaning Layers, Completely Wireless, 2 Year Warranty.

With UltraViolet (UV) light you will get the best and precise cleaning up to termination of all kinds of germs and nanoparticles. Ultraviolet also provides a self cleaning option for the cleaning piece.

Long wavelength UV rays that aims at longer distance, provides more precise cleaning while causing no harm compared to those with short waves and more tense energy.

Polly's UV light is a perfect choice as it cause no harm to anyone's health and yet at the same time it completely wipes out all nano-bodies and harmful micro creatures.

The cleaning surface of Polly is mix of nylon, cotton and polyester! Made to be in 4 layers Polly becomes perfect to cleaning all types of surfaces (carpets, kitchen floors anything!!). 6 month full usage warranty!

Polly’s head is made of plexiglass, handle is made of recycled aluminium, the cleaning piece- is made of materials that come with a 6 months warranty. All Polly’s materials are either recycled or eco-friendly.

Reach out to the hardest parts when cleaning the floors with more ease and with only using Polly with only 1 Hand and 360 head feature.

4 Layers are made for all possible surfaces. The 4 Layer technology in combination with UV light will make an ultimate cleaning tool for all possible surfaces in your house or anywhere else, who knows may be you can use Polly in your workplace.

The upper part of the Polly has a handle for the cleaning surface to be squeezed from after the cleaning floors with the liquids. The upper part contains a control panel with buttons, one turning on the UV the other for the Spray.

Ecology and the environment we live in is priceless for us. We shall cherish it for future generations. That is why Polly's cleaning surface absorbs 1L of liquid, allowing for the cleaning of larger surfaces with no water waste.

With all its electronic features Polly is wireless and gets charged from both natural and non-natural lights. It gets charged seamlessly with 2 hours of being in the solar light being enough for 6 hours of full usage.

So the most hard to clean places are far no more. Polly will keep even the most nitty place clean.

β–Ί POLLY - Solar Powered UV Mop

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